7th Terrace

The last garden terrace covers the most extensive area of the garden; a central crossing path divides it up into four rectangular zones, today consisting of wild wooded areas. Originally these four areas were laid out with bosquets surrounding boulingrins (the French word is taken from the English “bowling green”), which were sunken lawns.

Octogon Fountain

At the intersection of the cross in the seventh terrace is an octagonal water basin, with three putti in the middle playing with a water-spurting dolphin. In the eighteenth century people greatly admired this high fountain, generated alone through natural water pressure from the sloping terrain.

Maze and Labyrinth

Besides the paths, now reconstructed in historically authentic detail, and the sunken lawns (so called bowling greens – “boulingrin” – as the French called them), there is a new labyrinth and a maze with viewing platform.

March Gate

A splendid wrought iron gate with opulent vine-scroll and tendril ornaments made by Johann Georg Oegg and Christoph Kremer forms the grand finale crowning this garden expedition. At the top of the gate we can see the initials of Prince Eugene and his ducal hat. The trophy groups and the gods Mercury and Mars allude once again to the warrior prince.

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