In order to provide a worthy environment for Prince Eugene’s botanical treasures, Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt erected an orangery ensemble consisting of two laterally reversed greenhouses with gardens in front.

The orangeries were built according to the latest glasshouse architecture, in which the south side is designed as a pure wood and glass construction. Just as modern is the warm-air heating, still working today. Air is heated in underground compartments from large furnaces and conveyed into the space along a conduit system with square openings.

In 1757 the west glasshouse – and in the early nineteenth century the east – was rebuilt ascro a residential building for service staff.  In the course of the Schloss Hof revitalisation process starting in 2002, both orangeries were successfully reconstructed to take on their original appearance.

As in the days of the Prince, today the plants winter in the east glasshouse and in summer are put on display the orangery garden.

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