Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden

There are numerous small kitchen gardens on the estate farm; they are theme-oriented and show off the enormous variety of plants.

Herb Garden
Plants with special uses can be discovered in the herb garden. There are kitchen herbs, also plants used as dyes, fragrances or against a diversity of physical and mental ailments.

Weinviertel Garden
This regionally typical country garden grows domestic decorative plants, also vegetables such as cabbage and turnips.

The Nasch- und Beerengarten “Relish” and Berry Garden
In the “Nasch-und Beerengarten” we find all those aromatic fruits that can be tasted when ripe. Please take your pick!

Potpourri Garden
The “Allerleigarten” (Garden with everything) grows botanical rarities and exotic plants, besides ancient species of vegetables and fruit. Thematic beds show visitors the use of all kinds of different plants.

Rose Garden
Concealed behind old brick walls is the Rose Garden, in which every year more than thirty different sorts breathe out their heady fragrances. And the rose “Prince Eugene of Savoy” is one of them.