The so-called Bäckenhof got its name from the bakery – its oven is still preserved.

An important part of the section in the Bäckenhof is the Children’s Adventure World with Baroque theatre and workshops. Making things with natural materials or baking bread are among the key activities, also dressing up, dancing and writing with a quill.

A brand-new feature in the Bäckenhof is the wooden-ball track tower in the inner courtyard of the Children’s and Family World. Its compact construction makes it an ideal plaything. It has a floor space of 8m² at its disposal and a total of 30 metres for the wooden-ball track – fun and games for all! The balls roll over ramps, roundabouts, funnels, loop-the-loops and carillons. It appeals to all the senses: feel the wood, thrill to the speed, listen to the bells. The wooden balls are on sale on site for

€ 2: automat is in the Bäckenhof and in Schloss Hof Estate shops.