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Sisi Special Exhibition

Special Exhibition

At Schloss Niederweiden – part of the Schloss Hof Estate location – seven rooms will house displays showcasing highlights from the Empress Elisabeth Collection.

2021/03/13 - 2021/10/26
Schloss Niederweiden

“Aquaphonix” The 2021 Water Spectacle


The water spectacle presents a unique experience – a symphony of music, water, fire, light, sound and artistry.

2021/08/12 - 2021/08/22
Schloss Hof

The Great Horse Show


Horses, donkeys, ponies, Bactrian camels and other four-legged friends show their paces in the Great Horse Show!

2021/08/28 - 2021/08/29
Schloss Hof

The Kite Parade


The kite-flying parade lifts up your eyes aloft into windy and blustering heights, where flying devices of superb artistry conquer the sky over Schloss Hof.

2021/09/25 - 2021/09/26
Schloss Hof

Christmas Market


Crafts, cuisine, concerts & children’s world – the perfect way to get into the Christmas mood for the whole family!

2021/11/20 - 2021/12/19
Schloss Hof

Easter Market


Stroll through the blossoming spring flowers on the estate farm and enjoy the Easter atmosphere.

2022/03/19 - 2022/04/18
Schloss Hof

Special exhibition 2022 - Treasures of the Silver Collection

Special Exhibition

The new special exhibition at Schloss Hof Estate puts on show the most fabulous pieces from the inventory of the former Imperial Court collection of silver and tableware.

2022/03/19 - 2022/11/01
Schloss Hof Estate & Schloss Niederweiden

Garden Days


The Garden Days provide the occasion to welome spring and celebrate in the gardens of the Schloss Hof estate!

2022/05/26 - 2022/05/29
Schloss Hof

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