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Vienna Blue Rabbit and German giants

Vienna Rabbits belong to a group of mid-sized rabbit breeds in different colours, every colour represents a single breed. The fur of the Vienna Blue Rabbit has a deep blue tone, the eyes are also blueish-grey and the claws are dark. There are also Vienna Rabbits in white, black and grey. As the name of the breed suggests, it’s origin lies in Vienna. The breed was soon appreciated for its excellent qualities such as being fertile, undemanding and having superior fur and meat. The weight of a Vienna Blue Rabbit ideally ranges from 4,25 to 5,25 kg. They have a life expectancy of up to 10 years.

Pet rabbits are the domesticated form of the wild rabbit. They are kept as animals for the production of meat and fur but also as a pet. Colloquially known as rabbits, they are often named hares or bunnys although there are many differences in the biology of the two.

German giants are among the biggest and heaviest rabbits worldwide. As adults, these friendly animals weigh between 7 and 10kg and reach an ideal length of 72cm. Originally this breed comes from Belgium and only appeared in Germany from the 19th century onwards. German giants come in different colours as yellow, white, pied, black and grey. Nowadays this breed belongs to the group of rare domestic breeds.


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