By train
By car or coach

Arrving by bike

at Schloss Hof and Schloss Niederweiden

By Bike and Train to Schloss Hof

Take your bike on the train to Marchegg station. From there it is a short bike ride to Schloss Hof. If you are traveling without your own bike, there are rental bikes availabe at Marchegg station and Schloss Hof.

Rental bikes:

Along the Marchfeldkanal Cycle Track

From Vienna, the 60 kilometre long cycle track along the Marchfeld canal leads to the gates of Schloss Niederweiden and Schloss Hof. As you ride along an idyllic riverbank landscape, you can gather impressions of an ecologically high-quality biotope with many flora and fauna and a whole number of important cultural landmarks and monuments.

The route runs through a generally flat terrain with very few sandy gradients and  provides no difficulties for less trained cyclists.

Cycle track:

By River Boat and Bike to Schloss Hof

More informationen about your journey by boat and bike: