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Adventure Paths

The estate farm with two interactive tours

Adventure Paths

Since spring 2016 two exciting adventure paths have been a special added attraction at the palace estate farm.

Two interactive tours bring the estate farm to dramatic life as a special attraction for big and small. With theme-related games and interactive tasks, the trip is planned to be an exciting and memorable experience.

Visitors big and small view the estate farm from the perspective of a stable lad or serving maid and join in the game by performing various tasks. The common theme for each tour takes shape as a story that provides playful incentives for visitors as well as easy-access information on life and work on a Baroque estate farm. 

The stations each represent an occupation or activity practised on the estate farm in the Baroque era. Baker, blacksmith, falconer, gardener, hunter and co. describe their occupations. The persons are symbolically portrayed as life-size figures. If you collect the required points during the tour, you can look forward to a small reward for your efforts at the finish.

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