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Currently the road (L3014) between Schloss Hof and Schloss Niederweiden is closed. The ban will last until Friday, October 19th. The diversion takes place by continuing on the B 49 via Groißenbrunn.

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Special Exhibition

SPECIAL EXHIBITION PART 1, 15.03.-18.11.2018

In the years 2018 to 2020 Schloss Hof and Schloss Niederweiden are organising three special interactive exhibitions to focus on the question: why do we eat the way we do?

The three exhibitions cast light on the history, the today and the tomorrow of food and nutrition. Starting with production, then continuing to distribution and consumption of food and finally to their effects on the individual person, society and the environment – visitors will be able to enter into the complex world of food and explore it in an entertaining way. The special exhibition is an invitation to join in and do some in-depth thinking.

Part 1, 2018: Out of the Earth and onto the Plate

The three special exhibitions each focus on a key topic. The first exhibition in 2018 deals with food production. The transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture and livestock breeding is where our modern food production originally started. From plough to artificial fertilisers, from glasshouse to gene manipulation – to increase the yield, agriculture has in recent centuries introduced many new methods and techniques and continues to develop today. Fertile soil has always been the core resource for producing food. It is fought over bitterly (land-grabbing) and subject to radical changes (climate change). Fertile soil is the basis of food and therefore also the subject of myths and creation narratives, venerated in the form of earth deities.

As the exhibition shows, only a minimum of foodstuffs yielded by nature lands on the plate. Whether fruit, vegetables, grain, meat or fish: we wash, peel, cut, season, cook, bake, grill and so forth. We process and prepare food to make it palatable and tasty, to preserve it, to store it, and transport it.

We ourselves cook only very few meals completely. Who grinds grain to flour or processes raw milk into butter, yoghurt and cheese? The food industry processes its products appropriately before they land in the kitchen at home and are made into a meal.

The preparation is the way we decide how food looks, smells, tastes and feels. The exhibition illustrates that food is more than just the consumption of nutrients. What, how much, when, where and how we eat is an expression of culture, worldview, ideals, lifestyle, customs, tradition, wealth, poverty, age and sex.

15 March – 18 November 2018

Part 2, 2019: The Food Game

The exhibition in 2019 focuses on the journey of foodstuffs from the producer to the consumer. It offers in-depth views of the complex world of the food trade and shows what role the human being plays as consumer. The exhibition also explores table culture with all the customs, traditions and rituals surrounding eating and table manners.

15 March – 17 November 2019

Part 3, 2020: Leftovers (What’s Left of Food)

The third special exhibition in 2020 casts light on the effects of food production, distribution and consumption on human beings and their bodies, also on the environment, and examines the topic of sustainability. It also focuses on food and its significance in coming to terms with death.

15 March – 15 November 2020


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