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Special Exhibition

The Food Game

15 March to 17 November 2019

The exhibition in 2019 focuses on the journey of foodstuffs from the producer to the consumer. It offers in-depth views of the complex world of the food trade and shows what role the human being plays as consumer. The exhibition also explores table culture with all the customs, traditions and rituals surrounding eating and table manners.

The exhibition focuses on the journey of food from the producer to the consumer. It provides insights into the complex world of the food trade and industry and shows the role the human being plays as a consumer. In addition, the exhibition addresses culinary culture and eating habits, also customs, traditions and rituals all about food, table manners and etiquette.

Schloss Hof Estate –Trade and Logistics

Food covers not only our need for nourishment but also offers scope for global trade and speculation. How and why is food traded in stock exchanges and what effects does this have on world-wide provision? How does food get to the supermarket, and where do we do our food shopping today? The history of logistics and historical trade routes ranges all the way to modern logistics centres and trade flows. How were goods transported in bygone days? What emission-free alternatives are we rediscovering today? These and other essential issues about the path taken by our food from production to the supermarket and its logistics are the subjects being explored at Schloss Hof Estate.

Schloss Niederweiden – From grocery store to high-tech-supermarket

In Schloss Niederweiden you are invited to take a trip into the past, present and future of “trading”. The exhibition shows the historical development of the supermarket from the corner shop next door to the latest developments. An original grocery store from 1900 tells the story of the retail trade long before the now universal self-service store. Supermarket psychology, innovations in trade and digitisation: what will the supermarket of the future look like? Interactive, haptic and with original exhibits, the exhibition will be a sensory and sensuous experience!

From 15 March until 17 November 2019

Showcasing Europe: The Banat

25 Dec. 2018 to 14 March 2019

The exhibition focuses on the cultural region of the Banat in today’s Romania. It tells the story and the eventful history of this extraordinary cultural region, from its beginnings as “Gate of the East” until the present day as region of the European Union.

The Banat is a cultural region in the southeast of Europe, in today’s Romania. Its origin lies in the defeat of the Turks by Prince Eugene and the Treaty of Passarowitz/Pozarevac in 1718. The region was settled by peasant farmers and artisans from the Habsburg forelands and the European regions today forming Bavarian Swabia, Baden-Württemberg, Alsace-Lorraine, Vorarlberg, Switzerland and Belfort (eastern France).

For two hundred years the regions remained a Habsburg crown land. The Banat survived two world wars and Communism; it produced a whole series of writers, including the Nobel prizewinner Herta Müller. The exhibition tells the truly eventful history of this unique cultural region, from its beginnings as “Gateway to the Orient” until the present day as the EU region of Romania. Many exhibits, including such distinctive items as a monkey-hair muff or a reservist’s field flask from the nineteenth century, grant us insight into the rich abundance of a European cultural region that for long years remained hidden from our sights.


Experience the special exhibition in a guided tour:
25 Dec. 2018 to 14 March 2019 | daily 3:15 pm
from 15 March 2019 onwards | daily 4:30 pm

Sisi – Woman and Empress

Sisi Special Exhibition (c) SKB, Photo: Alexander Eugen Koller

20 March to 21 November 2020

At Niederweiden hunting lodge – part of the Schloss Hof Estate location – seven rooms will house displays showcasing highlights from the Empress Elisabeth Collection.

Sisi – Woman and Empress

1st location: Schloss Niederweiden

Much has been written and published about the Austrian empress. Indeed, the fascination of this woman grows the more one discovers about her. Also known by her familiar name ‘Sisi’, Elisabeth has captured the imagination of many.

For more than two decades Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H. has steadily expanded its collection with regular acquisitions. The latter formed the basis of the Sisi Museum, which opened in the Hofburg in 2004 to resounding success and is now able to draw almost exclusively on its own holdings for its displays. Dr Elfriede Iby, Head of Research and Documentation, can hardly contain her enthusiasm: ‘The extensive holdings of the Empress Elisabeth Collections have now for the first time enabled us at SKB to plan and curate a travelling exhibition about Empress Elisabeth which will soon be going on international tour with numerous selected exhibits’. The exhibition will thus feature not only objects that have never been on public display before but also present the latest findings of academic research on the empress. With all its highs and lows, Sisi’s life, her extravagant lifestyle and not least her capricious character are still a subject of fascination today. The themes explored in the exhibition include the empress’s role as mother of the nation, her relationship to her aunt and mother-in-law Archduchess Sophie, as well as her grief over the death of her two children and her love of her grandchildren.

The temporary exhibition’s first stop will be at Austria’s largest Baroque palace complex, Schloss Hof Estate in Lower Austria, in 2020. From there it will travel on to several different locations around the world, taking visitors on a unique tour of imperial cultural heritage.

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