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MORE LOCATIONS FROM Schloss Schönbrunn Kultur- u Betriebsges.m.b.H

Schloss Hof Estate is closed on December 24th 2018. We hope for your understanding and wish you "Merry Christmas"!

Schloss Hof
Visitors Information

Guided Tours

You want to explore Schloss Hof in all its rich variety? Enjoy a guided tour through the resplendent palace apartments with their costly furnishings, exquisite textiles and glass chandeliers. Or accompany our experts through the Baroque gardens and their unique broderie beds. A trip to the estate farm brings you closer to rare breeds of animals and extraordinary plants you seldom come across; it also revives traditional and historical handicraft techniques. The guided tours at Schloss Hof are an experience for the whole family! Some selected tours are provided in English and Slovakian as well.

Please note that the guided tours are in German. Tours in English or Slovakian are marked separately.

Discover the entire ensemble and grounds of Schloss Hof

Schloss Hof

Discover the entire ensemble and grounds of Schloss Hof

Family guided tour "Discover Schloss Hof “

An interactive tour of discovery for big and small, through the palace, the gardens, and the estate farm.

Dates: every Sunday
Start: always 10:30 am
Lasting: 1.5 hours
Price: p.P. € 3,-


“The Unknown Schloss Hof” – a look behind the scenes

Discover secret and mysterious rooms and finish off with an achterl – a 1/8 litre glass – of Grüner Veltliner.

Dates: Saturday, Sunday und public holidays
Start: always at 4 pm
Lasting: 1 hour
Price: p.P. € 6,-


Guided tours in the palace

Fuehrung im Schloss Hof

Guided tours in the palace

Guided tour of the palace through the interactive exhibition on the Belle Étage inclusive the temporary exhibition

Dates: daily at 11 am and 2 pm
Lasting: 1 hour
Price: p.P. € 3,-
(and by appointment, can be requested on the day)


Guided tours of the palace in Slovakian

Dates: every Sunday and on Slovakian public holidays at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm
Lasting: 1 hour
Price: p.P. € 3,-



Children’s tour in Slovakian

Dates: every Sunday | 3 pm | for children (aged 4-10)
Price: p.P. € 3,- (accompanying person free)


Guided tours of the palace in English

Dates: Sundays at 10:30 am
Lasting: 1 hour
Price: p.P. € 3,-


If required, extra guided tours of the palace are available during the opening hours, which you can request on the day by phone +43 (0) 2285 20 000! We shall be glad to assist you in your request!

Guided tours in all languages are available! For information contact us by phone: +43 (0)2285 20 000 or by e-mail

We are glad about your enquiry!

Guided tours in the gardens

Fuehrung im Garten

Guided tours in the gardens

Guided tour in the gardens - "The Gardens of Prince Eugene"

Experience this masterpiece of nature shaped by art.

Dates: daily at 3 pm
Lasting: 1 hour
Price: p.P. € 3,-

Audio guides in German, English and Slovakian are available for a garden tour.


Rendezvous with with the herb witch of Schloss Hof

Join Christa Muhr and roam through the seasons of the year in the garden, finding out about herbs, mixed and rose gardens, and everything worth knowing about how to use the aromatic plants in the kitchen – you can take all these practical tips and tricks from the herb witch’s kitchen home with you!

herb garden: 01.06.2018
rose garden: 01.07.2018
potpourri  garden: 31.08.2018
vegetable garden: 14.09.2018
Start: 1 pm
Lasting: 2 hours


Tub plants and more: See more of Prince Eugen garden

Christa Muhr shows our guests the Orangery of Schloss Hof, our big plant collection and tell you more about the historical heating system. 

Dates: 14.01. | 11.02. | 11.03.2018
Start: 1.30 pm
Lasting: 1 hours
Extra tour charge: € 6,- 

Guided tours on the estate farm

Guided Tours estate farm (c) Jana Madzigon

Guided tours on the estate farm

Guided Tours through the animal world

Horse, Donkey, Sheep and more & Co - Join the special guided tour with our animal experts Katharina Zoufal and Lukas Svoboda

Dates: 15.04. | 03.06. | 05.08. | 23.09.2018
Start: 13.30 - 15.00 Uhr
Lasting: 1,5h
Extra tour charge: € 6,- | p.Kind (6-18 Jahre) € 3,-


Old handicrafts, newly presented/experienced

Experience the world of the estate farm with its ancient handicraft workshops: learn lots of interesting things about the different types of work done on the estate farm; follow the trail of everyday life on two new interactive adventure paths, and get an inside view of a pewter caster, basket maker, turner and potter at their work.

Dates: 6. May & 4. November 2018
Start: 1.30 pm
Lasting: 1.5 hours
Extra tour charge: € 6.- | per child (aged 6-18) € 3.-


Tack room – herbal garden – handicraft workshops

Herbal fragrance and stable smells with a merry coach ride
This guided tour gives you an overview of life down on the farm – the Schloss Hof estate farm – finishing off with all the fun of short coach ride.

Dates: will be announced shortly
Start: 12.30 pm
Lasting: 1.5 hours
Extra tour charge: € 6.- | per child (aged 6-18) € 3.- 

Special guided tours at Schloss Hof

Schloss Hof

Special guided tours at Schloss Hof

Easter at Schloss Hof 

The Easter rabbit has hidden lots and lots of gaily coloured eggs in the Schloss Hof gardens. He was last seen in the palace … everyone who joins in the children’s tour at the Easter weekend is certain to find secret hiding places for sweet surprises afterwards.

Dates : 31. March to 2. April 2018
Start: every full hour between 11 am and 4 pm
 1 hour
Extra tour charge: € 3.- (aged 4-18) | free up to age 4 | 1 accompanying person free | incl. guided tour and Easter egg hunt

"Pâtés, Divine Wines, Pralines"

A gourmet trip through time at Schloss Hof with a chance to taste Baroque delicacies – made with the original recipes. This is a special guided tour that not only talks about divine wines and sugar flowers, but also lets you taste them!

Dates: 22.4. | 13.5. | 10.6. | 8.7. | 19.8. | 9.9. | 7.10. | 11.11.2018
Start: 1.30 pm
Lasting: 1.5 hours
Extra charge for tour: € 6.- | per child (aged 6-18) € 3.-

"Baroque - Bonbon and chocolate soup"

A sweet temptation with baroque recipes from the past to the present time. 

Dates: 29.4./20.5./17.06./29.07./26.08./30.09./28.10.2018
Start: 1.30 pm
Lasting: 1.5 hours
Extra charge for tour: € 6.- | per child (aged 6-18) € 3.-

Halloween – Spooky workshop and ghostbusting

The haunting of Schloss Hof! All young, dauntless guests are invited to get ready as of 2 pm for a ghost hunt – real ghostbusting – in the Children and Family World; you get scary make-up, make ghosts of your own and bake Halloween biscuits. Afterwards, all the children go on a ghost hunt through the palace.

Dates: 31. October 2018
Spooky workshop:
 2 pm – 6 pm
Dates: 3 pm | 4 pm | 5 pm (German and Slovakian)
Extra charge on top of admission price: € 3.-- (1 accompanying person free)

Evening guided tours at Schloss Hof

Abendführung Schloss Hof

Evening guided tours at Schloss Hof

Baroque high life with sparkling wine and candlelight

Enter into a magical mood with a glass of sparkling wine in the glorious terrace garden before going on an exclusive guided tour through the palace and the cellar, and then round off the evening with a delicious finale in the restaurant “Zum weissen Pfau” – “The White Peacock” – with a 3-course Baroque menu.

Dates: 4. May | 12. June | 14. July | 8. September | 13. October 2018
Start: 6 pm
Lasting: 3.5 hours
Price: € 45.- incl. admission, guided tour, sparkling wine reception, 3-course menu excl. drinks
Registration: +43 (0) 2285 20 000 or

Guided Tours at Schloss Niederweiden

Schloss Niederweiden Führung

Guided Tours at Schloss Niederweiden

Guided tour to the special exhibition "Why do we eat the way we do?"

Dates: every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday at 11 am, 2 pm, 4 pm
Extra charge for tour: 6 € 

The guided tours are only in german language. 

Evening guided tours at Schloss Niederweiden

Sonderfuehrung Neiderweiden

Evening guided tours at Schloss Niederweiden

Dates will be announced shortly.

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