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Sisi Special Exhibition

Special Exhibition

At Schloss Niederweiden – part of the Schloss Hof Estate location – seven rooms will house displays showcasing highlights from the Empress Elisabeth Collection.

2021/03/13 - 2021/10/26
Schloss Niederweiden

“Aquaphonix” The 2021 Water Spectacle


The water spectacle presents a unique experience – a symphony of music, water, fire, light, sound and artistry.

2021/08/12 - 2021/08/22
Schloss Hof

The Great Horse Show


Horses, donkeys, ponies, Bactrian camels and other four-legged friends show their paces in the Great Horse Show!

2021/08/28 - 2021/08/29
Schloss Hof

The Kite Parade


The kite-flying parade lifts up your eyes aloft into windy and blustering heights, where flying devices of superb artistry conquer the sky over Schloss Hof.

2021/09/25 - 2021/09/26
Schloss Hof

Christmas Market


Crafts, cuisine, concerts & children’s world – the perfect way to get into the Christmas mood for the whole family!

2021/11/20 - 2021/12/19
Schloss Hof

Easter Market


Stroll through the blossoming spring flowers on the estate farm and enjoy the Easter atmosphere.

2022/03/19 - 2022/04/18
Schloss Hof

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