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The Kite Parade


The kite-flying parade lifts up your eyes aloft into windy and blustering heights, where flying devices of superb artistry conquer the sky over Schloss Hof.

Schloss Hof

The Kite Parade

The fairground meadow near the Baroque Meierhof is the starting point for an impressive time trip through three thousand years of kite construction history. Traditional Asian paper kites and elaborately and artistically decorated models in Baroque style are on show in this heavenly spectacle, as are futurist high-tech devices made of fibreglass and plastic. Expert commentaries from the members of “One Sky – One World” take you through the flight performances lasting about three hours and present different kite types and shapes, illustrating the evolution of this art form.

Up and away! is the motto in the exciting team competition; all visitors can make a kite out of simple materials and fly it. The professionals perform a thrilling duel in the sky with fighting dragons.

Much to the delight of the youngest guests – a sugar dragon is slinking his way around the grounds getting rid of his sweet ballast. Until he arrives the smaller visitors can design their own flying artefacts and paint them with coloured crayons and oil pastels in the do-it-yourself workshop in the barn, helped by the Schloss Hof staff.

Of course you are very welcome to bring your own kites with you. Anyone who wants to take part spontaneously in the sky formation or try their skills against the professionals can purchase a suitable flying device out of a colourful range on site in the Kontor.

Whether with self-made paper kites, flying artefacts or airy 3D constructions – in optimal wind and weather conditions the kite parade of Schloss Hof guarantees an exuberant spectacle in the invigorating winds of autumn.