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MORE LOCATIONS FROM Schloss Schönbrunn Kultur- u Betriebsges.m.b.H
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Group Programme

For groups of twenty persons and over we have planned all kinds of thematic guided tours through the Schloss Hof ensemble, also events, adventure programmes and day trips in the region. Browse through the rich variety of options for your interest and entertainment in our group programme, also including the comprehensive gourmet events accompanying the special exhibition “WHY DO WE EAT THE WAY WE DO?”.

Group Programme at Schloss Hof

Schloss Hof

Group Programme at Schloss Hof

Guided Tour through the resplendent palace apartments 


Top of the cast in the permanent exhibition are Prince Eugene of Savoy, architectural patron and lord of Schloss Hof, Maria Theresa, who set up her seat as dowager empress here, and her son Emperor Joseph II, who financed the reconstructions. These three personalities were of great historical significance for Schloss Hof, Austria and Europe, and they conduct a fictional dialogue in the resplendent imperial apartment on their respective ideas about the culture of modern, princely home living. State-of-the-art media installations provide for an in-depth thematic treatment of the contents.

The second part of the permanent exhibition spotlights Prince Eugene’s chameleon-like personality. It investigates the reasons why the prince, a legend in his own lifetime, has never ceased to fascinate people for three centuries, and how politicians, the military and art lovers used this popularity for their own purposes and still do so.

Combined admission and guided tour (lasting about 1 hour): price per person. € 16.–


“Getting to Know Schloss Hof” —

Overview tour through the palace ensemble

This guided tour explores Austria’s largest palatial complex in the country in its totality. The ceremonial rooms in the palace provide an inside view of imperial home life; the gardens embody the artistic aspirations of the Baroque age, and the Meierhof, as the estate’s administration facility was called, makes the everyday routine of this fascinating epoch live again in handicraft workshops, self-supply garden and stables, along with rare breeds of early Austrian domestic animals.

Combined admission and guided tour (lasting about 2 hours): price per person. € 19.–


 “The Garden of Prince Eugene of Savoy” —

A masterpiece of art in nature

Prince Eugene of Savoy commissioned one of the largest and most beautiful gardens of the Baroque era planned on seven terraces.
A guided stroll leads past blooming broderie plantations, artistic sculptures and imposing fountains to the most splendid historical orangeries in Europe and their paradise garden with Mediterranean plants.

Combined admission and guided tour (lasting about 1 hour): price per person. € 16.–


“Baroque Country Life on the Estate Farm” —

Everyday life with flora and fauna

Take a stroll through ancient handicraft workshops, thematic gardens and Prince Eugene of Savoy’s private collection of flora; see everyday Baroque life and enjoy an experience that is as entertaining as it is informative.

Visit the rare native breeds of animals on the estate farm, white donkeys, Valachian sheep and four-horn goats – please stroke!

The start into the summer season marks the introduction of a new attraction at Schloss Hof: two adventure paths open up new perspectives onto life on a Baroque manorial estate. The visitor can follow the trails of a serving maid or stable lad in an interactive scenario where you learn more about life on an estate farm and have fun at the same time.

Combined admission and guided tour (lasting about 1 hour): price per person. € 19.–


“Secret Passages and Cellar Vaults” —

The secret Schloss Hof

A special guided tour through secret cellar vaults, hidden corners and the subterranean passage between palace and estate farm takes you to a fascinating view behind the scenes of the Baroque palace complex. The second floor, otherwise not accessible to the public, opens up a breathtaking view onto the surrounding countryside, redolent with history. The secret trail finishes off in a most amenable way with a wine-tasting session with locally grown wines.

Combined admission and guided tour (lasting about 1 hour) and 1/8 l. glass of wine: price per person. € 19.–


On the Trail of Prince Eugene of Savoy

The man behind the building of Schloss Hof, Prince Eugene of Savoy, still radiates an aura as “genius loci” of his beloved country estate. A tour round it presents the Prince as art connoisseur, his passion for exotic flora and fauna, and his Baroque foible for parading status and prestige.

Combined admission and guided tour (lasting one and a half hours): price per person. € 19.–

Group Programme at Schloss Niederweiden

Schloss Niederweiden (c) Gerfried Tamerler

Group Programme at Schloss Niederweiden

From Niederweiden Hunting Lodge to Schloss Hof

A visit to Schloss Niederweiden – only about three kilometres away – is a real insider’s tip. This jewel of Baroque architecture has a very special charm of its own, a combination of a French palais de plaisir and the delights of an Upper Italian manorial villa. The delicate wall paintings in chinoiserie style in the banqueting hall pay testimony to the exotic taste of the former owners, who invited a private circle of guests for hunting parties here. The game kitchen annexed to the building gives us an idea of the convivial Baroque atmosphere when served up with a good, solid dish of venison or wild boar.

Combined admission and guided tour Schloss Hof & Schloss Niederweiden, price per person: € 19,—



Culinary Delights at Schloss Hof & Schloss Niederweiden

Schloss Hof Gastronomie

Culinary Delights at Schloss Hof & Schloss Niederweiden

By Boat to Seasonal Markets at Schloss Hof - Easter Market & Christmas Village

A boat trip with the DDSG to the spring-time Easter market or to the romantic atmosphere of the Christmas season at the Advent Market in the Baroque palace. Borne on the gentle waves of the Danube the MS Admiral Tegetthoff tunes your mood to the unique atmosphere pervading the seasonally decorated palace complex, where select market stalls, regional gourmet delicacies and thematic guided tours invite visitors to linger and enjoy.

During the season, boat trips from Vienna to Devinska Nova Ves can also be booked for a day trip to Schloss Hof – tailor-made for groups, with option of bus transfer, lunch menu, etc. Service operates from May to October, Sundays till Thursdays.


Dates Easter Market: 12.–13. 3. 2016 | 19.–20. 3. 2016
Dates Christmas Village Schloss Hof: 19.–20.11. 26.–27.11. I 3.–4.12. I 8.–11.12. I 17.–18.12.2016


Cooking Workshops in the Jam Kitchen

How do you make a proper Kaiserschmarren? Participants in the cooking workshop in the original jam-making kitchen on the Schloss Hof estate farm are invited to cease looking over the chef’s shoulder and to start doing it themselves.

Combined admission and guided tour (lasting 1 hour) Schloss Hof, cooking workshop, Kaiserschmarren with cherry compote: price per person € 23.90


Cooking Workshops in the Niederweiden Game Kitchen

How was game from the nearby March and Danube regions prepared in the Baroque era? Participants in the cooking workshop in the Niederweiden game kitchen are invited to give the chef a hand.

Combined admission and guided tour (1 hour) Schloss Niederweiden, “Hunting & Leisure”, cooking workshop, 5-course menu incl. mineral water and coffee. Price per person € 95.–

Combined Day Trips in the Region

Schloss Hof

Combined Day Trips in the Region

Pleasure trip to the Marchfeld Realm of Palaces and Castles

(3 days/2 nights)

The Marchfeld stately homes of Schloss Hof , Schloss Niedeerweiden, Eckartsau, Marchegg and Orth unite palatial elegance with the glory of nature and the fascination of discovery. Take a gastronomic time trip into the world of the Baroque, venture into the watery realm of the Danubius fluvius and on the way stop off at the Middle Ages.

Services include:

  • 2 x bed/breakfast in the ***/**** Hotel

  • Gastronomic time trip to Schloss Hof incl. Baroque sampling

  • Special guided tour through the museumORTH incl. 1 glass of wine

  • Town and castle tour in Marchegg

  • Tour of Eckartsau castle and park, incl. sparkling wine reception, coffee & Gugelhupf cake

  • 3-course Baroque meal in the restaurant “Zum Weissen Pfau”

  • Special menu with Pˇremysl Schnitzel and Bohemian pancake in Marchegg

Prices per person in double room:

***-Hotel: from € 180,–

****-Hotel: from € 245,–

Bookable: April till October, valid as of 20 persons

Contact: Donau Niederosterreich Tourismus GmbH., Regionalburo Romerland Carnuntum – Marchfeld, Tel. +43 2163 3555-10 I


“Country Garden & Country Palace“ —

Sweet Delights and Imperial Retreat

Sweet does not have to be the opposite of healthy: this is demonstrated by a guided tour through the “Landgarten” in Bruck/Leitha. A visit to an organic foods factory in operation shows everything that is required for manufacturing delicious sweets and chocolate snacks, including roasting and chocolate covering, testing stations and packaging belts. After a mouth-watering sampling session and group photo in hygienic protective clothing, the journey continues to Schloss Hof, where a three-course lunch is served. After a stroll through the idyllic estate farm the programme continues with a guided tour through the ceremonial rooms of the palace

Combined admission, guided tours, 3-course menu, sampling session: price per person €34, —


“Talking About Food and Drink” – gourmet trip from

Schloss Hof to Klosterneuburg Abbey

After a “gastronomic time trip” through Schloss Hof (link “The Gastronomic Time Trip”) you travel by bus to Klosterneuburg, where you go on a wine vault tour, an atmospheric and informative trip that takes you through the Baroque cellar ensemble which, supported by brick walls that are metres thick, reaches 36 metres on three levels deep down into the earth. You get a close-up experience here of the unique way in which centuries of wine-making tradition are combined with the latest vinification techniques. The tour spotlights the nine hundred years of history clinging to wine production at the oldest vineyard and wine estate in Austria and invites you afterwards to a wine-tasting session with three wines in the abbey wine house.

Combined admissions, guided tours, food and wines: price per person starting at € 33.60


„Discovery Tours without Borders“ —

From Schloss Hof to Bratislava

In the midst of one of the most richly historical stretches in the heart of Europe, the all-day trip through time makes its first stop in the fascinating Baroque epoch, Schloss Hof in the Marchfeld. After a three-course lunch, the trip continues to Bratislava. Here, a tour in the veteran bus takes you to the most beautiful sights in the Slovakian capital, including the opera house, the presidential palace and the castle. During the visit to the Free Industry and Trade Museum you can enjoy experiencing everyday history over a glass of wine from the region around Bratislava and a Pressburg “Kipferl”, a local pastry speciality.

Combined admission and guided tour of Schloss Hof, menu, bus tour, 0.1 l wine & “Kipferl”/pastry: price per person € 39.—


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