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MORE LOCATIONS FROM Schloss Schönbrunn Kultur- u Betriebsges.m.b.H
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Ostermarkt auf Schloss Hof © SKB / Astrid Knie
20. April 2019 - 22. April 2019 | Price from 7,00 €

Easter Market

Spring Feeling at Schloss Hof

Stroll through the blossoming spring flowers on the estate farm, enjoy the Easter atmosphere and get some inspiration for Easter gifts from the...

Philharmonie Marchfeld (c) Astrid Knie
27. April 2019

Concert "Viennese Melange"

Philharmonie Marchfeld

The ensemble “Plattform K+K Vienna”, which created the interlude for the New Year’s Concert of the Wiener Philharmoniker in 2018, present their...

24. May 2019 | Price from 36,00 €

Concert for all Ages

Philharmonie Marchfeld

A wind quintet with musicians of the Wiener Philharmoniker and Symphoniker plays works from Mozart to Debussy and Prokofieff’s “Peter and the Wolf”...

Gartentage auf Schloss Hof © Dieter Nagl für SKB
30. May 2019 - 2. June 2019

Garden Days

The Garden Days 2019 provides the occasion for us to celebrate the completion of our Baroque Garden! From the first to the seventh terrace the garden...

Musketierspiele Schloss Hof (c) SKB, Foto: Karin Burian
20. June 2019 - 23. June 2019

The Musketeer Festival guesting at the Schloss Hof Estate

'One for all, and all for one'

 “One for all, and all for one” – is there anyone out there who doesn’t know the adventures of the bold Aramis and his inseparable Musketeers? At the...

29. June 2019 | Price from 36,00 €

A Summer Evening with the Strauss Family

Philharmonie Marchfeld - Operetta Soirée

Let yourself be carried off into the world of the operetta of the Strauss dynasty with the most beautiful melodies and arias.

Philharmonie Marchfeld:

3. August 2019 - 1. September 2019

All the Fun of the Holidays!

3 August till 1 September 2019

From 3 August till 1 September 2019, Schloss Hof is your address for the summer holidays. Daily workshops, including bread baking, gardening and...

31. August 2019 - 1. September 2019

The Great Horse Show

Noble horses and graceful white donkeys are the stars at Schloss Hof on this day.

They demonstrate their artistic abilities in impressive show numbers and highly skilled sporting achievements on the fairground. Beastly good...

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