"The General, the widow and her son"
Prince Eugene, Maria Theresa and Joseph II.


The General, the widow and her son" Prince Eugene, Maria Theresa and Joseph II.
From March new life will be breathed into the magnificent rooms of the palace! Having been largely absent for three centuries, Prince Eugene will once again be welcoming his visitors to Schloss Hof. In fictional conversations Prince Eugene, Maria Theresa and Joseph II. exchange their differing views about such diverse topics as modern interiors in the Baroque and neoclassical age, elaborate Baroque banquets, Josephinian thrift, games and gambling or the princely bed chamber as a public place. A nightgown is draped carelessly on a bed, players seems to sit round the Baroque games table and a conversation appears to be taking place on the magnificent neoclassical sofa. Table music accompanies the banquet, which can be viewed as an animated projection on the princely dining table. It is astonishing how the figure of Prince Eugene an his achievements have been exploited for very different and somtimes even diametrically opposed aims: in the Austrian Monarchy, during the First World War and the National Socialist era, as well as in contemporary election compaigns and in the tourist industry. Here visitors encounter him as a cunning military tactician, a miracle-working magician, secret king an fabulously wealthy connoisseur of the fine arts, in a word: a superstar for a modern age! All this an more will be there for you explore at Schloss Hof from March.

The special exhibition "The General, the widow and her son" can be seen from the th of 16. March until 2. November 201. Every Sunday at 10.30 a.m. there wíll be special guided tours.

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