Triumph and Passion. 350 Years of Prince Eugene

Special Exhibition 2013

Prince Eugene was hailed as conqueror of the Turks, commander, collector and patron of the arts and garden lover, and while considered a solitary person too, he became one of the most popular figures in Austrian history, even though he was no Austrian himself. Yet who was behind this brilliant man with the long allonge wig? This powerful exhibition wants to explore more than the precious items from his triumphal Turkish wars or his impressive art collection and colourful menagerie: like no other exhibition before it wants to draw a link between his unparalleled career, his victories and passions on the one hand, and the world of today on the other. Its aim thus is to reveal Prince Eugene’s complex profile and at the same time compare his living and working conditions with the factors determining success, renown and social acceptance today.

I have always replaced health with peace of mind. (Prince Eugene, in a letter dated April 5th,1736). Peace and quiet away from the city was what he sought and found at Hof Palace, which he purchased in 1725 and turned into a prestigious palace complex. The magnificent refuge in the Marchfeld region provides the perfect setting for an exhibition dedicated to the 350th birthday of this “great” man fromSavoy, introducing a man of his times and his recipe for success. His credo was that “everything could be achieved through steadfastness and determination” which is quite striking when compared to what Bill Gates in our times had to say about success:

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.

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