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The 21 November 2016 will mark the centenary of the death of Emperor Franz Joseph, who ruled over the Habsburg Monarchy for sixty-eight years. This exhibition will take a critical approach to exploring the personality of the emperor. Divided into a number of different focal themes, this large-scale temporary exhibition will take place in four different locations in Vienna and Lower Austria.

The exhibition at Schloss Niederweiden will be devoted to hunting and recreation. From his earliest youth Franz Joseph had shown a great love of riding and hunting. This was the traditional sport of the aristocracy, one that had been the favourite pastime of members of the Habsburg dynasty for centuries – prominent examples include Crown Prince Rudolf and the heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand. Franz Joseph’s predilection for the chase will thus be embedded in a long tradition of passion for hunting in his family. The exhibition will also provide an overview of the Habsburg hunting grounds, focusing in particular on the Salzkammergut and the emperor’s beloved Ischl. Further focal themes include the political importance of shooting parties for state guests from abroad and the opportunities they provided for informal exchanges of opinion in a private setting, as well as the administration of hunting at court and the records of the kills, which in Franz Joseph’s case, given his longevity, were particularly numerous.

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