Broderie beds at ground-floor level

Magnificent sculptural decoration

Authentically restored according to old plans and records

The extraordinary magnificence of Hof Palace is due in no small part to its garden, which descends impressively down to the March River across seven terraces. Few other Baroque gardens in Europe can rival the splendour and elegance of the one laid out at Hof Palace for Prince Eugene of Savoy. It combines the creative power of nature with human skill and imagination to create a work of perfect beauty and harmony.

Restored from the historical sources

With the help of historical plans, old paintings and the expertise of well-versed landscape archaeologists, the splendour that had gradually disappeared over the course of time has been for the most part restored.
The flower beds designed in the French style called parterre de broderie and the generous platbands have once again been laid out in their original wealth of colours and shapes. Imposing fountains and impressive sculptures are again shining in their former Baroque magnificence. And as they did centuries ago, trees and hedges provide enchanting, winding arbours and hidden niches.

The restoration of the Baroque Garden was an enormous challenge that was brilliantly met by archaeologists, botanists and gifted gardeners. To see how nature perfectly shaped by human hands looks today, please click here.

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