The wonderfully fragrant Herb Garden at the Meierhof

A carriage ride around the Meierhof

At Hof Palace, Prince Eugene also had a conglomeration of agricultural land, stables, residential buildings and workshops. He placed the renovation of the outbuildings in the same hands responsible for the Palace itself: the leading architect of the day, Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt. This was in keeping with the Baroque custom of having the construction and adaptation of such utilitarian structures performed by acknowledged experts. Extending over more than five hectares, this ensemble of outbuildings, stables pastures, and fields is one of the biggest Baroque complexes of its kind in Europe.

The joys of country life

Today the Meierhof Manor Farm introduces Palace visitors to the peace and quiet of country life as it used to be. The restaurant Zum weissen Pfau (“The White Peacock”) offers fine cuisine, and the farm is home to a wide variety of rare and loveable animals.
The flora at the Manor Farm is just as varied as the fauna. And as is did in Prince Eugene’s day, the farm has a number of different gardens that serve more than just useful purposes. They are also a delight to the visitor’s eye and preserve the traditional culture of regional gardens, including varieties of vegetables, berries and herbs that are becoming rare.
An especially atmospheric manner of exploring this rural idyll is available from Tuesday to Sunday: horse-drawn carriage rides.

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